Adding Value to Your Business

Rapid Prototyping

Shorten the time from concept to physical part.  Test form, fit, and function with a prototyped part delivered to your door.  Get excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy with SLA parts.

SLA prototypes_edited.png
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End use parts

Get parts that are lighter and stronger than machined aluminum with FFF printing with continuous fiber reinforcement.

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CAD Design

Our mechanical design expertise and knowledge in additive manufacturing methods can help transform your part into something that cannot be accomplished with conventional machining techniques.


Generative Design

In additional to conventional CAD design, we can utilize generative CAD design in which we can input space and load limitations to achieve multiple "organic" and optimized designs.  These designs would be very difficult to model using conventional CAD and almost impossible to produce in any way besides additive manufacturing.

Generative Design_edited.png

Source: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)