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Extrusion Printing (FFF)

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Extrusion printing, or fused filament fabrication (FFF), is the method in which you extrude a spool of filament through a heated nozzle.  Starting on the build platform, the extrusion nozzle build layer onto layer which "fuse" together to create a solid body.  This method creates anisotropic characteristics (it will have greatest strength in the direction parallel to the layers) which must be considered when selecting the build orientation.  This process will utilize sacrificial "break away" support material when necessary due to the part geometry and build orientation.  Often times, the dimensional accuracy and surface finish is adequate right out of the printer but post processing finishing techniques can be performed to obtain tighter tolerances and/or smoother surfaces.  This process is great for prototyping but with the continuous fiber reinforcement materials we offer, end-use parts that are stiffer and lighter than machined aluminum are finally possible.

FFF advantages

  • Very light, durable, and strong parts (10x strength of ABS)

  • Parts reinforced with continuous glass fiber compete with 6061 Aluminum in terms of weight and tensile strength!

  • Multiple color options with PLA

  • Less post processing time


  • Light, stiff, strong end use parts

  • Tooling, jigs, fixtures

  • Automotive/motorsport

  • Aerospace

  • Industrial

  • Spare parts, maintenance, repair

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